Swing VIP EA 3.11

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SWING VIP EA is a forex trading robot which developed by SinryAdvice. It is programmed to use market data such as price action, trend, CCI, PPO and other basic indicators and analyse them all together to place a trade.


“Steady profit in your trading with the most trusted and downloaded tool in 2020 that generate 76% win rate.”

We are proud to highlight that during US election week and Covid-19 news related market volatility swing vip closed all weeks in profit.

Is a Forex trading robot which trade on autopilot. It needs only one time setup and the rest is automatic.

Swing VIP EA process more data than humans, without emotional decisions.

A pre programmed robot won’t make the mistakes you do.

Click to check out MyFxBook live result:  Sinryadvice SWING VIP

How much can you Earn if you get this Robot ?

Earn 16% to 30% Profit Monthly by using SWING VIP.

How Does Swing VIP EA works ?

SWING VIP EA is a forex trading robot which programmed and developed by SinryAdvice team and its one of the smartest EA of our team.

It is programmed to use market data such as price action, trend, CCI, PPO and other basic indicators and analyse them all together to place a trade.

It will work on 5 forex pairs on 5 min time frame and it will open and close trades in profit automatically. Swing VIP main strategy is base on Price action and Trend.


  • First Ea base on Price action and trend strategy
  • Live Result in myfxbook.com – search username: Sinryadvice SWING VIP
  • 5 pairs at same time
  • Low Drawdown
  • 3 years on testing ( Recently decided to sale for public)
  • Easy to use as default setting
  • Open and Close trade Automatically
  • Analysis of market data in all aspects
  • 2 Account license keys – 1 demo and 1 real
  • 1 Time payment – Life time with Free updates
  • 100% refundif not profitable.
  • No martingalestrategy

Watch below video on how to use the EA

Recommended Setting

  • Run it on this 5 pairs : AUDCAD, CADCHF, EURUSD, NZDCAD, USDCAD pairs
  • Select 5 min time frame on your mt4.
  • Ensure the Auto trading option on your mt4 is on.
  • For best performance you need to keep the EA online by using VPS (online computer host) or having your PC online always.
  • For every 500 usd fund use 0.01 lot size. (Ex: If 1000 usd fund size lot will be 0.02)Please Note that EA is Smart and it opens several trades, you might see trades going to minus, dont panic that is how EA works and it will close them in profit or minimum loss.

What is price action strategy?

In simple terms, price action is a trading technique that allows a trader to read the market and make subjective trading decisions based on the recent and actual price movements, rather than relying solely on technical indicators.

What is Trend trading strategy?

Trend trading is a strategy that involves using technical indicators to identify the direction of market momentum. It is based on the idea that markets have an element of predictability, so by analysing historical trends and price movements, a trader will be able to forecast what could happen in the future.

Swing VIP EA on Live chart

Daily Live Result

To build trust and transparency we have open a live account with starting of 500$ in myfxbook.com where you can see all the trading performances, daily trades, profit and gains of swing vip EA.

Check the it out at :  SWING VIP DAILY PERFORMANCE 

Stop Losing money in Forex by trading yourself.

Earn and close each week in profit with Swing VIP.

90% of Forex Robots and Indicators are SCAM!

NOTE: There are many scammers and fake forex tools in market which try to show profit with screenshot images and luxury items but in reality they never provide live daily result, therefore to show our transparency we have daily live result in legitimate platform like myfxbook.com

Once you download swing vip Ea, you will be earning same result as ours in myfxbook and if you don't, you can always apply for 14 days full refund.

22% profit last Month Trading Statement of Swing VIP

view the full statement at myfxbook account


How to trust and select a good EA?

In order to trust an EA you need to check its live results, trading statements and backtest. One of the most trustworthy platform to analyse performance is MYFXBOOK.com, where you can see all these info. Swing vipEa has live account in myfxbook where you can check it out here: MYFXBOOK RESULT

How to install and does it open and close trade?

Installation is simple and explained in 5 min video, once installation is done the rest is fully automatic, the EA is smart and open and close trades in profit on autopilot.

Does it needs high level of expertise to install and use it?

Its doesnt need because we have shown step to step on how to use and setup the indicator in a video which is in the product page of SWING VIP EA.

How does the EA works?

SWING VIP EA has inner indicators which analyse market in different aspects and place trades base on them, it doesn't do martingale and all trades are base on market evaluation. This is one of smartest EA 2020.

How if I don't make profit with it?

SWING VIP EA has given exact setting which you need to follow and apply to run it. Therefore if you don't make profit you and not satisfied with promised result you can apply for 100% REFUND.

What will be the risk and drawdown ? is there fix stop loss or take profit?

You need to follow the given setting in order to benefit the most, EA open trades draw down is below 30% and below 5% for closed trades. It follows Inner setting for sl and tp according to price action analysis.

Do I need to check it every time and change setting?

Once you setup it up at first time, it will be full on autopilot and you don't need to change or check anything. EA will open and close trades in profit automatically.

How Much Profit can I expect Monthly?

By following the lot size of 0.01 for every 300 usd fund (ex: if 900 usd fund size 0.03), the expected monthly profit will be 15% to 30%. 

About Sinry Advice

SinryAdvice is registered company based in Malaysia with official certification from SSM. Our team of 18 employees includes: professional traders and developers to create most profitable Forex Trading tools.

We create Expert Advisors and custom trading indicators for MetaTrader 4, which conduct sophisticated analysis of fast-moving markets in a split second. We build indicators to give you an edge that is ever so critical in the financial markets.

Our Headquarter is in Malaysia, Developer team in India, Marketing Team in London, sales and customer service base in Turkey. We aim to create a large community of users to serve them with the highest quality tools for trading.

…Transparency and being trustable is our key success.

…Download yours and test our forex trading tools and earn profit like pro trader.

Sinry Advice Company Featured In

Sinry Advice is pleased and honoured to announce that well-known platforms featured our trading tools in their articles.

Specification: Swing VIP EA 3.11

Product Type

Expert Advisor



Trading Style

Trend Trading

Trading Terminal

Metatrader 4

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