ScalperMind2 v2.34

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ScalperMind2 is an EA which trades and counter trades in a very TIGHT limits!!! The EA works with default settings. TF 5MIN – 15MIN


ScalperMind2 is an EA which trades and counter trades in a very TIGHT limits!!!


  • You must change the input “minutes period” depending on the TF you tested. e.g 5 for 5 min, 60 for 1H etc.
  • You must change the input CompareCount from 1 to at least 30(these are the number of allowed trades in both buy and sell)


  • Advancedmoneymanagement.
  • Position overlaping.
  • Position averaging.
  • Specific levels of possible entries.


a.    1500$  for each pair.(you can use lower but not recommended)

b.    DIFFERENT Magic number in each chart.

c.    TF 5MIN – 15MIN (though the EA Can trade on any)(Pls do your own test because every pair performs different in different TF.

TEST MUST BE CONDACTED with every tick or else the results will be negative in many pairs,BUT since the code is way too heavy and the EA draws many lines in the chart,the test will be VERY SLOW.

ScalperMind2 works with default settings.


  • Drawdown:This setting must not be changed.
  • SeqBaseLot:Thestartinglotsize
  • SeqOnLoss:You can manually set your own multiplier or leave the default.THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT.You can set it to 1 for manual or anything else you need!

OR: DELETE big multipliers like 34.39 etc or SET your own.

  • ProfitAmountPips:The minimum profit in pips before the EA closes the positions.
  • MinutePeriod: the minutes of the TF the EA works.

If you have ANY difficulties in testing or ANY questions i will be happy to help you by contacting through pm.

HINT for better performance (if you can monitor the EA once a day):

Attach the stochastic indicator 100 / 3 / 3  at the 1H and 4H Timeframe in any pair.

If you find a pair that is overbought in both periods,set the EA to SELL ONLY and close it when the stochastic at 1H touches the ovesold area.

The same for buys.

Live Signal:

Clarification:The signal started with 90$ capital 21 weeks ago just to condact some tests manually and burned.

AT 14/9/2019 a new deposit made of 92$.

I am using ALL my EAs in a DEMO account and when i have open positions at the same pair in More than 3 EAs i open manually a trade in my live signal.

This is how it works.

Since that the first time it was burned the statistic of growth will still be negative BUT as you can see AFTER THE second deposit and the use of the ScalperMind2 the months followed were very profitable:

SEP: 257.22 GROWTH

OCT: 136.79 GROWTH

NOV:128.64 GROWTH( running)

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