Grid Blazer Forex Robot 3.3

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Grid Blazer Forex Robot – A realiable Grid system for any trader; configurable for high, medium or low risk.


Use this Grid bot with drawdown protection, make money, and sleep well at night

A realiable Grid system for any trader; configurable for high, medium or low risk

Grid systems tend to have a bad reputation among many traders. The reason for this is probably two-fold.

Firstly, and most importantly, most investors who have tried grid trading, did not work with the right kind of risk management, and ended up being taught an expensive lesson. Secondly, for some people out there, grid trading is not as elegant as studying Fibonacci levels, or timing entry points based on vast amounts of theory.

The truth is that any Grid system or Martingale-based strategy, is indeed Russian Roulette, unless a risk management system is in place.

The ForexCove Grid Blazer makes use of a maximum drawdown feature, giving you control of the total risk you wish to undertake, regardless of your account size.

This Forex robot also gives you the ability to control the direction of your trading, allowing it to open both buy and sell trades, or one or the other.

Additionally, you can select pip step, volume exponent, maximum spread and average take profit. This provides you with granular control, making it versatile. Set it to trade with moderate multiplication rates, or be more edgy and go for quick returns with higher risk.

Regardless of your preferred currency pair and timeframe, the Grid Blazer is a powerful tool for the modern investor. Correctly configured, it can yield very high returns!

Sample Trading Results

Backtested on several currencies, timeframes and with the use of tick data.

Grid Blazer – Monthly Return – Lower Risk Setting Equity Chart

Grid Blazer – Monthly Return – Lower Risk Setting Trade Statistics

Grid Blazer – Daily Return – High Risk Setting Equity Chart

Grid Blazer – Daily Return – High Risk Setting Trade Statistics

Learn about the Adative Grid Blazer


Grid Blazer Features

A breakdown of the strategies employed, the reasoning behind trades, and the selection of indicators being used by the algorithm.

Design & Operation

In this section you can learn more about the gist of the robot, our general design decisions, along with modes of operation.

Indicators used

Our Forex robots use a number of different indicators. Here you will discover which indicators have been utilized with this one.

General Recommendations

All bots should be optimized and backtested on a regular basis. Still, here we provide you with our current tips and advice for optimal results.

Specification: Grid Blazer Forex Robot 3.3

Product Type Expert Advisor
Condition Unlimited
Trading Style Grid Trading
Trading Terminal Metatrader 4

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