Forex Market Geometry

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Forex Market Geometry

Set and Forget!

FX Market Geometry is a method which was created on the basis of over 10 years experience in currency trading. This is a completely innovative approach to trading, and I’m certain you haven’t seen anything like this before. The technique uses geometrical levels as entry points, and calculates the TP and SL levels down to a pip.

All the calculations are done in an Excel spreadsheet. Although the calculations are based on over a dozen different mathematical sequences, operation and calculation of the levels have been simplified to a minimum. The only thing you have to do to finally join the money-earning traders is enter the current price data for the observed instrument. All the calculations contained in the sheet’s code will show you the exact spots where trades are to be opened, where to set SL order and where to expect profit (TP).

No more uncertainty and hesitation!

The algorithms contained in the spreadsheet will instantly calculate the current price levels. You won’t have to wonder whether it’s time to enter the market or if you should wait some more. The system’s signals are fully non-discretionary. The spreadsheet states the place for entrance, you place the order and make a profit. Simple as that.

Set and forget style.

Our method requires minimum time for analysis. It’s perfect for people busy with school or work. Nothing better if you want to expand your capital with speculation. All you have to do is set a pending order for a selected instrument, and then just enjoy the profit at the end of the day.

Just one transaction a day.

It is said that a true trader is one who aggressively engages in speculation. Scalping the market on the m1 timeframe or fast transactions on the quickest time intervals are just what we need.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

Just a handful of people is aware that the most successful traders are the ones who make relatively few but very carefully thought out transactions. You canbecome one of them today.

Put emotions aside and enjoy the income.

Many of us spend the most time in pursuit of a transaction system. While there’s nothing wrong about it, it’s good to keep the other element of trading in mind, it’s mental part.

Yes, emotions are what causes most failures on the market.

Too many indicators and unclear rules can quickly impact the final outcome. Our method allowed us to completely eliminate stress from trading. 100% transparent entry, exit and position management rules will bring total peace of mind we all want so much during trading.

It’s very simple.

Enter a high and low price into the spreadsheet.

Read thepricelevels.

Set an order and enjoy the profit.

I know what you’re thinking.

We believe in indices, technical analysis, we spend hundreds of hours on online forums, read books and analyze charts, and what do we get in the end? The market laughs in our faces. Doesn’t it seem like it does that just to spite you? You even might say it just waits for you to take up a position only to turn the price against you. And when you change the position to an opposite one, of course it goes in the original direction then! People say it’s impossible, that there are too many traders and market can’t possibly be set against you, and yet it often reaches into your pocket with a sneer smile…

You can stop this today.

No more jumping from one system to another. No more testing hundreds of combinations of various indices hoping for that new method to finally pay off. It’s time to break this losing streak with one simple technique. You can catch the first pips in a little over ten minutes, you just have to stick to the rules.

Take a look at the below screenshots (click to enlarge). It’s the most popular currency pair EUR/USD. The chart highlights all transactions made by use of the FX Market Geometry technique throughout the last months. We didn’t just pick screenshots of when the market was trending or the method achieved spectacular results, these are simply all transactions from that period.

Calculation of levels in less than a second!

You don’t have to spend hours analyzing charts or pondering over numbers. Just enter the current price into the spreadsheet and that’s it. Calculations will be made in a fraction of a second, and you will know where to place your order.


What makes FX Market Geometry better than other systems?

fully non-discretionary and transparent rules of transaction entry and exit

very precise entries, we use carefully calculated price levels

simple operation, instant calculation of levels

set and forget style, you don’t even have to be on your computer, just set pending orders

100% non “repaint” technique

FX Market Geometry will change your life today!

Have you had just about enough of working at a corporation?

Your boss hates you and gets on your nerves every single day?

Want to go on an exotic vacation abroad?

You wish for that new gadget you can’t afford?

You can become the master of your life today by using a technique that has been yielding profits for years!


Can you briefly describe how the method works once again?

It’s very simple.

– Enter current price levels for a given instrument into the spreadsheet.

– The algorithm calculates the price levels.

– Place an order.

– Enjoy the profit.

What do I need to use this method?

You will need the MT4 platform and access to Excel (or its free equivalent ‘Open Office’ will do just fine).

What currency pairs can I trade using this method?

You can trade on every currency pair.

How about commodities?

You can also use our method to trade on gold, oil or silver. Virtually every instrument available on the MT4 platform is viable.

Is the technique a manual system or EA?

Our method is 100% manual trading system.

What amount of money do I need to start out?

Because most brokers offer micro lots, you can start with as little as $100.

Is the payment one-time or cyclical?

Payment for the system is made one time. We do not charge any hidden fees or accrue additional expenses.

What about system updates?

All future updates are included in the price.

Can I expect support from you? Seeing the spreadsheet is a bit overwhelming.

Of course, you will get unlimited support, also spreadsheet may look complicated, but working with it and calculating levels is trivial. It won’t take more than one minute to calculate price levels and setting your order after you get familiar with it.

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