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Dear traders,

I know many of you prefer using automated systems in your trading to free up your time and to get the freedom to trade without even actually doing something. You want freedom, right? You want consistent profits? You want to make money on full autopilot without spending even a little of your time in front of the charts? Well, that’s it, after very long coding period, I have finally made it available for you for a limited time only. Let me introduce to you a fully automated system which I call Cash Pumping Machine – 100% winning trading solution. Why 100%? It means the EA always wins in the long run and brings profit at your wish like your personal magic wand no matter where the market goes. You have profit each end every month. This is absolute truth!

The EA uses so called trading baskets. These baskets consist of several positions of same forex pair. The software applies special money management techniques which help the EA close every basket with profit. Though some positions within the basket may be closed with a loss, the basket itself is always closed with a profit no matter where the market goes. Advanced algorithm calculates high probability trading opportunities while the sophisticated money management helps the EA win all the time. Even if some positions are closed with a loss, your profit for each and every basket will exceed all possible losses. Here is why it is a truly 100% winning trading solution. And the best part – it is fully automated!

This page is actually a private invitation to learn about a unique way of making money with the fully automated software which I call Cash Pumping Machine. This is a stand-alone product which is available for my Forex Holy Grail clients only. I am going to release limited number of copies of this software and made this offer available for one week only. This automated robot will never be available for buy anywhere else and moreover it will not be available for buy anymore when this time sensitive offer expires.

Feel free to learn more about my new trading software on this page down below. I will do my best to explain to you the principle I based my automated software on and tell you about advantages you will have. You will get all the information you need about my new software and if you have any questions, you know what you need to do. Simply contact me and I will answer all your questions.

True Magic is Here Waiting For You

A lot of traders have a dream. They all want to make money with a push of a button. What does it mean? It simply means the traders do not want to spend much time on learning and practicing. They do not want to spend time on watching the charts all day long. Would it be nice if you could simply make money whenever you want without actually trading yourself? Well, that’s a good idea actually and I wanted to make it your reality when started working on my software.

You know I used to say there’s no magic wand in trading. But I now truly believe this software is really a magic wand which works like a charm in all market conditions. I see a truly great potential here. This is something which has never been available before. A true new level of quality and profitability.

Unstoppable Profits in All Market Conditions.

I understand, many traders, especially those who just try their first steps in trading, have day jobs. Moreover a lot of people simply have a lot of things to do during a day, so they simply can not spend much time on watching the charts. Well, my software is for these people.

This EA will also be useful for all traders who simply want to get consistent account growth the fully automated way. Actually this EA is for everyone. No matter how much time you have for trading, my EA software will be a great benefit for you because it will do all the trading job for you. That’s it!

You do not need to control it. You do not need to watch news releases. The EA works in all market conditions even during high impact news. My sophisticated trading formula makes the EA bringing profits to you on regular basis like magic.

How Does the Cash Pumping Machine EA work?

The software is represented by one automated expert advisor which is designed to take trades with high probability of winning no matter where trend goes. The EA is designed for M5 time frame but actually it can be used with any other time frame too. But I recommend using M5 for best results. I consider M5 as optimal according to the strategy I have designed. Even though it is used with M5 charts, EA looks for sure trades with super high probability of winning. It enters the market with dynamic Stop Loss and Take Profit and finds an optimal exit to catch some big real pips.

Though it is used on M5, it is not a scalper. The EA detects high probability situations for trading which may result in good profit. It employs a sophisticated grid trading technique and help you take the profit out of every market move. The software works with trends and good market volume and at the same time it works with range market conditions when volatility is low. In fact it does not matter how the market behaves because the EA will always be able to find optimal entries and exits.

By the way, you do not need to care about news! Yes, you’ve heard it right. You can use the EA on full autopilot without any worries. It does not matter what news influence the market, the EA will do its job the best way possible. So this is a truly fully automated solution!

Another great advantage of the Cash Pumping Machine EA lays in its ability to handle all possible market changes due to its advanced money management algorithm. I built a flexible money management algorithm which self-adjusts to ever changing market conditions! You do not need to adjust the lot size or stop loss or take profit because the EA does all these things automatically for you increasing or decreasing the lot size or exiting the market when required. This is actually one of the greatest advantages the EA has.

When I say the EA is fully automated, I mean exaclty that EA is FULLY AUTOMATED! Isn’t it great? Actually I believe it is just perfect!

The EA can do all risk management job automatically for you depending on market conditions. Of course you are also free to adjust some parameters to suit your personal risk tolerance. But these parameters do not influence the strategy algorithm so you should not worry about changing something the wrong way as it is simply impossible. It is absolutely newbie friendly EA no matter what trading experience you already have in Forex.

Would You Like to See the Robot in Action?

I want you to see the results my software provides. These are real trades which you could also have if used the robot during that testing period.

This way you will see real profitability and potential my EA provides. I am showing you several videos with visual tests covering up to 15 months of data on different pairs. This is huge data for M5 time frame. Thus I had to make the test working at full speed to reduce the length of videos. But still the videos are pretty long in time. I used high quality tick data for testing the EA. This is actually the maximum quality test which represents real trading behaviour of the software.

As I already mentiond the EA was designed for M5 charts. You can also use it with other time frames but as it was designed for M5 charts I am showing tests on M5 time frame and I actually recommend using M5 in your trading.

By the way the EA uses limit buy and sell orders for entries to avoid any kind of possible slippage and brokers’ manipulation. Limit orders actually guarantee the entries will be processed ideally at the right price with no slippage at all.

Moreover not all buy and sell limit orders are processed. The EA processes only those orders which it should accroding to the strategy. So your broker never knows what orders will be processed and thus it guarantees you absolute protection against broker manipulation techniques.

First of all I would like to show you a forex pair which truly rocks with this EA. This is GBPUSD. This is one of the most volatile pairs and thus many traders call this pair a train. This pair is usually considered as one of the most difficult pairs for any EA out there because of its high volatility. But my EA can handle trading with GBPUSD the right way. Please feel free to watch the video down below showing how the EA works with this pair. You will also see how it works with EURUSD. These two pairs actualy represent how it works with majors. And you will also see how it works with non major currencies. As example I provide AUDNZD.

As you can see the Cash Pumping Machine EA provides excellent results. My system will be a great help to all types of traders no matter what type of risk they prefer.

When trading I am using only 1% of risk in the EA. This is a conservative trading style which is used to multiply the funds at steady and consistent rate. For even more conservative trading, you can make the risk even lower than the one I used. And in case you prefer way bigger profits, you can also accept a bigger risk to achieve your trading goals whatever they are.

You can adjust this risk parameter and allow the EA risking more or less depending on what you wish. You can also set the number of trades. You can also use a fixed lot or you can tell the EA to do the whole money management job for you.

By the way, if you purchase my automated software, you will be able to use it with as many of your trading accounts as you wish. I am going to provide you UNLIMITED VERSION with no restrictions so you can use it with maximum profit and maximum convenience. Moreover I do not apply any license protection to the EA to avoid any possible inconvenience it might cause. It means the EA is fully yours!

Top 10 Advantages of the Cash Pumping Machine EA

1. User-friendly. EA does not require optimization.

2. Protection against broker manipulation.

3. No license keys now. You have total freedom.

4. The software is 100% automated.

5. The EA works in all market conditions.

6. Advanced automated risk management formula.

7. The EA can be used 24 hours a day non-stop.

8. Use the EA with as many of your accounts as you want.

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